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Your reputation is your market value.

In an environment where customer feedback is spontaneous and instant online comments, it takes just one incident to tarnish the reputation of your business. When you choose Orkin Puerto Rico, you choose not only the most respected name in pest control, but also a five-star partner.

Industria de alimentos

2.Food industry

Your reputation is our business

Few problems can damage your restaurant's reputation faster than a pest. Pests can give the impression that your restaurant is unsanitary and the food you serve may contain harmful bacteria. To ensure happy diners and returning guests, it is critical to protect your restaurant from pests by working closely with your pest management provider. We understand the challenges of quick-service environments and know how to help manage them effectively. We'll start with a thorough on-site inspection and design your pest management program to meet your exact needs.

3.Retail Industry

Protecting customers from pest exposure is our business.

Commercial environments are vulnerable to pest infestation due to various circumstances such as constant deliveries, foot traffic and the environment. All of these provide opportunities for pests to enter a store. But Orkin Puerto Rico can help. Our integrated pest management (IPM) program takes into account space design, regulatory requirements and maintenance and cleaning practices to help prevent pest problems.

Industria Minorista
Industria Cuidado de la Salud

4.Health Care Industry

A perfect mix in the healthcare system is key.

Healthcare facilities are a challenge for pest control because they have lodging, food preparation and service areas, as well as other spaces, including flower stores, laundry and common areas. They also have a strict need for airborne pesticide-free pest control in patient areas and operating rooms.
Profesionales en esta industria necesitan control de plagas que sea sensible y eficaz de un proveedor que puede integrarse perfectamente al equipo de la instalación. Centros de salud buscan un proveedor de control de plagas para anticipar y prevenir problemas, centrándose en la prevención en lugar de una cura.

5. Other industries

Puerto Rico experts are ready to help with your pest control plan.

Whether it's your business, your properties, your company or your facilities, they all have specific needs related to physical layout, sanitary regulations, maintenance techniques and storage. Orkin Puerto Rico specialists are aware of your needs and tailor solutions for your unique business requirements.

Every aspect of our service is properly documented and we will work with you during meetings to make sure you are completely satisfied with Orkin Puerto Rico's integrated pest management (IPM).

Otras industrias
Alimento y Bebida

6. Food and Drink

May your next audit be something to celebrate

Regular food safety audits are required for all food products and warehouses or food packaging. Pest control is an important part of these audits, up to 20% of the total score in some cases. If a company does not have its audits in place, it can lose large and valuable customers, which include mass food distributors, retailers and restaurant chains that are intensely focused on making sure they get high quality products from these companies. In the event of a visible pest infestation, these facilities can be shut down until they fix it. In a business where every hour of plant downtime costs thousands of dollars, this is important. And the ripple effect of lost business can be catastrophic if the shutdown hits the headlines.

For these reasons, decision makers in this industry need a pest control provider that is reliable, effective and experienced in working with audited facilities.